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Production of forestry seedlings at Narromine Transplants starts with the use of modern seed technology in conjunction with precision seeding equipment.

An intermediate "plug" stage allows for single seeding and transfer of seedlings to the final container without the damage to root systems that traditional "pricking in" can cause. A high degree of uniformity is also experienced with this method of propagation.

Around 90% of our seedling production is undertaken using seed provided by customers, which is mostly sourced from seed orchards. Seed is sown into 512 plug trays and transferred either manually or by machine, at about six weeks of age into the final container.

The time of production of seedlings varies with season and species but is usually from 14 to 20 weeks.

Narromine Transplants specialises in the production of eucalyptus and other native species for forestry. However, we have extensive experience with crops as diverse as tobbaco, tomatoes, capsicum, curcurbits, asparagus, potted colour, lettuce and many others.

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