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Forestry, Carbon and Biomass

Narromine Transplants has supplied seedling and clonal material to the commercial forestry industry for more than 13 years.

Our reputation as a supplier of choice is based not only on the quality of our material but also on our commitment to innovation and customer service. Our disease-free nursery in Narromine covers more than 60 hectares, and our extensive greenhouse facilities enable us to produce very large orders in the range of several million.

Recognising early the advantages of clonal forestry to industry, we have developed innovative propagation techniques that are unique in the world. Our processes assure quality and consistency of product.

Our clonal material is propagated from stock Eucalyptus hybrids or from material provided by clients. We also are developing cutting-edge techniques for the rescue and creation of new clones for our commercial forestry clients, which will eventually allow them to facilitate greater genetic diversity within their plantation estates.

Production of forestry seedlings at Narromine Transplants starts with the use of modern seed technology in conjunction with precision seeding equipment. An intermediate "plug" stage allows for single seeding and transfer of seedlings to the final container without the damage to root systems that traditional "pricking in" can cause. A high degree of uniformity is also experienced with this method of propagation.

We grow all of our forestry material in Hiko V93 cells. These cells allow excellent root development during the seedling phase and the large volume facilitates high moisture retention to minimise transplant shock, particularly when seedlings are to be planted on difficult sites.

Narromine Transplants has been producing seedlings for carbon sequestration, biomass and biofuel production for the last 7 years. 

We have extensive propagation experience with many of the Mallee species used in these industries and have an excellent track record of in field survival and growth.

To find out more about how Narromine Transplants can assist with your forestry requirements, please contact us.

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