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Narromine Transplants is an industry leader in cutting propagation and clonal development.

We have strong ties with clonal producers in South America who are leading the world in clonal development and cutting propagation. Our innovative propagation techniques are modelled on world best practice, but modified to produce robust product under Australian conditions. Cuttings are taken from stock plants and set in 512 cell trays. They are transferred to the final container at around six weeks.

We propagate cuttings from clones originating in South America, mainly Eucalyptus grandis X Eucalyptus camaldulensis hybrids, and from material provided by clients. We have also worked extensively to perfect vegetative propagation of several Corymbia hybrids.

We have recently expanded our clonal operations to include the propagation of containerised grafted fruit trees using methods which will reduce the usual waiting period involved with inground fruit tree production.

We're also developing cutting-edge techniques in the rescue and creation of new clones for commercial forestry.

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